Suspensable Violations

We want the ride to and from school to be safe and comfortable for everyone on the van. We ask that students help create that environment.

Students may be suspended from riding the vans for committing any of the offenses listed below:

    • Defying the van driver.
    • Fighting with another student or with the driver.
    • Riding a van that is not assigned without the permission of a parent/guardian and the school.
    • Exiting at the wrong van stop without permission from the parent/guardian and the school.
    • Failing to give a name, or giving a false name, to the driver when asked.
    • Doing anything on the van that seriously harms the safety of others.
    • Smoking on the van.
    • Opening an emergency exit or exiting by an emergency exit or the window.
    • Possessing banned items on the van: drugs, alcohol, bullets, explosives, fireworks or weapons.
    • Making a bomb threat.
    • Inappropriate displays of affection.
    • Bullying or harassment of other students or the driver.
    • Throwing anything from the van.Making obscene gestures.
    • Speaking profanely or making racial slurs at anyone on the van.
    • Hitting, Spitting or biting other students.