All Classes

These enrichment classes are a part of the program in addition to the curriculum and exercises used in the classroom.

  • Children explore scientific ideas in hands-on activities. They will take part in tasks like identifying rocks and minerals, creating play doh fossils, combining safe chemicals, sowing seedlings, and many other things.
  • High school biology and chemistry students will also have lab periods.


  • Students are required to check out library books for our AR independent reading program. Students take online quizzes to earn AR points for their grade requirement. Students may choose books, online articles, based upon their reading level. Kindergarten will wait until January to begin AR. Students may also use reference books in the library.


  • Students who are reading at the 3rd grade level or above may be enrolled in IWrite, which is an online program to improve writing composition.  


  • Each secondary student will be issued a laptop, which can be used in the classroom or in the computer lab. High school students may take technologically advanced lessons as an elective course.


  • Students of all grade levels participate in music activities including learning songs for chapel, special programs such as Grandparents Day, Hispanic Heritage, patriotic songs for Veterans Day, Christmas, spring musicals and graduation. Students learn about early music theory (tempo, beat, etc.), composers, how to use various instruments, how to practice for their spring musical.


  • Art classes use a variety of paints, sculptures, canvases, and other materials. The SmartBoard will be used by kids to interact with virtual museum tours that teach them more about art history.


  • The Physical Education (PE) Curriculum is based on a goal of fostering a mutual respect for all learners through building a positive and inclusive learning environment. This environment is established with criteria for classroom routines that are clear and support student success. CCA encourages the idea of healthy bodies contribute to healthy minds, PE is scheduled for 45 minutes three times per week for each class.

  • Students experience the benefits of physical activity through three domains:
    Cognitive – The understanding of how to perform a skill or game.
    Affective – Positive social interaction with others.
    Physical – Actual participation in the activity.
  • Gross motor development flourishes on our playground during recess, when students climb, run, jump, hop, skip, and take turns. Elementary students have a PE class every week.