Disciplinary Procedures

All instances of misbehavior on the van and at van stops are serious because it can affect student safety and well- being. Discipline ranges from a warning to expulsion.

School Vans discipline procedure:

  • Minor offense: 
      • Verbal warning from driver to the student. The driver may also contact the parent/guardian. The driver verbally warns the student, completes an Incident Warning Report, and submits it to the Disciplinary office followed by a parent call. 
  • Major offense:
      • The student will be suspended from riding the van.
      • The driver completes an Incident Report; a copy is placed in the students file. 
      • When suspended, the student is not allowed to ride any van for a specified period. This includes after- school activity vans. 
      • Parents/guardians will be contacted by the driver or the Student Disciplinary office to discuss the student’s suspension.
      • Major offenses are very serious. The student who commits a major offense will be suspended from riding the van. The length of the suspension will depend on the severity of the major offense. For each offense, a student receives a School Incident or referral form. The form will be submitted to the school disciplinary department. When a student receives incident reports, this will result in suspension of 5, 10 days, or for the remainder of the school year, depending on the offense.